Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Favorite Child

Every mother has a favorite child! You don’t believe that? Read on. After all, she is only a human mother. The favorite child is the one for whom she shall feel a special, motherly closeness. It is to this child that a love is offered that nobody else could possibly understand.

Her favorite child is the one who broke his foot while swinging his very first day of Kindergarten; who was sick with mumps during Christmas; who was so sick at his 10th birthday party he couldn’t eat any of his favorite cake and had to watch all his invited friends gorge themselves.

Her favorite child was the one who was passed over and chose last for school games; who happened to see the family dog struck down by a car on the street.

Her favorite child had a teacher who made life miserable for him in the 4th grade; who she held in her arms all the way to the emergency room so more stitches could be set.

Her favorite child is the one who forgot all those carefully learned lines for the church Christmas program; who lost the money so lovingly earned and saved in order to by a favorite toy.

Her favorite child is the one who didn’t make the starting softball team; who failed the most important ritual of passage, a driver’s license exam.

Her favorite child dropped what would have been the winning touchdown pass in the end zone.

Her favorite child slammed doors in frustrated anger because of the way he had been treated by his best friend; who cried when he was ignored by the “in” people in his High School; who withdrew and refused to talk about it.

All mothers everywhere have their favorite child. And it seems to always be the same one. The one who needs you at a critical life moment. That one who needs you at the moment may be frustrated, hurt, happy, depressed, injured, rejected, self-centered, selfish, disappointed, lonely, questioning, hungry, wondering, helpless, in love, misguided - the list is endless.

The favorite child simply needs a mother just to be there! But most of all: the favorite child needs his mother to carry him 9 months and give him a chance to breath the air!

- Pastor Regan Myers