Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Standing With Israel

Last week, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul called for ending all US foreign aid—including our military aid to Israel - in order to help balance the budget. We think cutting our aid to Israel would be a tragic error!

This report from Rapid Response Action Alert says that “cutting our aid to Israel would betray our highest principles, jeopardize our security, and end up costing us far more money in the long run.” We believe that the day we abandon Israel will be the day that America begins its own deep decline.

The fact is that our annual military aid to Israel is among the best investments we make in American security. Israel is on the front line of the battle against America’s enemies. When Israel is fighting against Hezbollah and Hamas, it is fighting terrorists who have the US in their sights. When Israel confronts Iran, it is confronting a nation that seeks to destroy both Israel and the United States. If these enemies ever conquered Israel, they would turn it into yet another anti-American terrorist base.

The US needs Israel - and Israel needs support by the US. Pastor John Hagee speaks of a “biblical mandate to bless the Jews” and of a Christian “debt of gratitude” to the Jewish people. Hagee notes that “The Jewish people gave to us the patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the prophets Elijah, Daniel, Zechariah etc. Every word in your Bible was written by Jewish hands. The first family of Christianity, Mary, Joseph and Jesus, were Jewish. Jesus Christ, a Jewish rabbi from Nazareth, made this statement: “Salvation is of the Jews.” The point is this: If you take away the Jewish contribution to Christianity, there would be no Christianity!”

As Christians who stand for Israel please send an urgent email to Senator Rand Paul asking him to abandon his push to cut aid to Israel. Make it clear to him and the country that when he calls for this cut, he’s not speaking for you!

Go to this link for the Rapid Response Action Alert