Friday, June 3, 2011

Restoration Follows Brokenness: Flowers Can Bloom In the Strangest Places

I have in the center of my driveway at my house a garden of large rocks with a spruce tree planted in the center. The dirt is covered by landscape fabric and I have planted a few hostas and shrubs along with a covering of mulch.

Something has happened to beautify this landscape of rock, shrubs, and mulch that surprised me. Somehow, some beautiful little flowers have popped through the dirt and fabric. They are called “Johnny Jump-Ups.”

These flowers remind me of how beautiful flowers can still grow out of the mounds of dirt in your life. Consider Joseph of old who had more bad things happen to him, starting with being abandoned by his own brothers who threw him into a pit, to where he ended up in prison on false charges. Joseph learned, “Life is not always fair, but God is just!” He said to his brothers at the end of all his suffering, “It was God who sent me here ahead of you to preserve your lives.” (Genesis 45:5)

The condition of life will either make us bitter or better!

When King David suffered all his disaster, he determined to allow suffering to produce its finished product: brokenness. He found his kingdom gone, his associates disbanded, and his greatest pain—the loss of his dearest son. He bowed his head to the ground, clothed in sackcloth, and anointed his head with ashes. But he refused to become bitter. Out of his brokenness came restoration and because of this understanding, David was called a man after God’s own heart.

Life is not always 100 percent great. If you have suffered loss of any kind, remember that God is a God of restoration. Restoration follows brokenness. Beautiful flowers can still grow out of the mounds of dirt in your life. They are not looking for a perfect yard; they can grow in the most unlikely places. The quicker you recognize the fruit that suffering produces, the quicker you can move on! A Christian is like a teabag: not worth much until they have been through some hot water!

- Pastor Virg
il Amundson