Friday, July 15, 2011

Ladies' Wednesday Evening Bible Study- A Great Adventure!

The Sinai Desert
"Have them make a sanctuary for Me and I will dwell among them."-- GOD 

This foundational verse, Exodus 25:8, kicked off our summer trek with God's chosen people through the wilderness.  Nearly a month ago we began our Bible study "A Woman's Heart: God's Dwelling" with author and Bible teacher, Beth Moore.

Our journey has taken us through the beginning of time, the Great Flood, the calling of Abraham and the creation of the great nation of Israel.  We have witnessed the enslavement of God's Chosen People and God's daring rescue.  At present we are camped with them, witness to Pillars of fire and cloud, bitter water made sweet, and food from heaven as God sustains them.  In spite of this, the wilderness experience is anything but pleasant for the Israelites.  God knows His creation so intimately that He knew theirs was not wholly a physical need.  He knew there was an emotional and spiritual need as well.  So,it is in the midst of their discomfort that God says to Moses:  "Have them make a sanctuary for Me and I will dwell among them."

Isn't that just like God?!  In the middle of hardship, His plan is to literally pitch His tent and camp out with his people!!!  The beauty and intimacy of this single act alone, amazes me, for in it, we gain a precious glimpse of the lengths God will go to care not only for the Israelites, but for all of us who are His children. We enjoy that same faithful providence today.Age to age our God is the same!  I've got goosebumps- how about you?

In the next several weeks we will begin to explore the building of God's portable dwelling among the Israelites and I am so eager to learn more of who He is. He shares himself in a manner so personal- the like has not been seen since He dwelt in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve!  What a wonderful blessing this study has been and, (I am certain) will continue to be.

From the wilderness ( and having the time of my life) - Nancie Eagan