Thursday, August 11, 2011

Parental Responsibility to Train Children

The Apostle Paul writes in I Timothy 3:4, “One who rules well his own house, having his children in subjection with all gravity.” Paul considered the condition of the home so important that he wrote that a leader must have “….his children in subjection with all gravity.” This is important to understand because what happens in a person’s home is usually the true picture about what kind of leader their children will be. I know that when I look for new leaders or for people who will represent the ministry, I look at their children to see if they are respectful and understand authority. If children aren’t being taught that at home, this may be a sign that the parents do not value the things I count as important.

The word “gravity” comes from the Greek word ‘semnotes.’ It presents the idea of a person who carries himself with dignity and treats other people with courtesy and respect.

Through the years, I’ve learned that the way a person’s children speak to each other and to others outside the home is very revealing about what’s really happening behind closed doors in that home. Children usually mirror the true situation in a home. In other words, how they speak, carry themselves, and treat others usually reflects the quality of relationships in their home.

If a home is filled with love, respect, and teamwork, this is also evident in the way the children conduct themselves. Children who show respect and courtesy toward each other and toward other people have had that passed down to them by their parent’s example. When children are disrespectful toward authority and resentful when they’re asked to do something they think is too low for them to do, it usually means that they come from a home where a servant mentality is non-existent. Leaders who are servants most often have children who are servants.

If your children show disrespect toward each other and toward authority, you might ask the Lord to help you analyze the real situation in your life and your home so He can show you what is out of order. Then once He reveals it to you, determine to start today the proper steps to put things into good shape.

Confess that you are growing and developing as a parent. You are rearing your children to be godly leaders to the next generation. God’s Word is your guide. The Holy Spirit is your teacher. You are leading your family in a way that pleases God and is a good example to others. Declare this by faith in Jesus Name!

- Pastor Virgil Amundson