Thursday, November 24, 2011

40 Days: Day 4

Humility - Unity - Intercession

As we begin our spiritual journey of 40 days of fasting and prayer we must continue to remember our purpose. The reason for fasting is for the purpose of praying. We will be fasting to pray. Think of praying during the time that you normally would be eating your meal. We need a modern-day miracle in our nation for a spiritual awakening to take place. We all are troubled by the drift of this once great nation! The churches in our nation need to be revived with a fresh vision for the harvest during these “last days” before Christ returns to take out His people from the earth.

There are three things that will bring revival and a spiritual awakening in America. All of them start with God’s people, or believers first. There must be humility, unity, and intercession. The politicians in our nation are not going to initiate those three things. It is going to have to start in the churches of America!


Just as Nehemiah humbled himself first through weeping, fasting, and praying for God to restore Jerusalem (Nehemiah 1:4) he then interceded in prayer for God to give him mercy in the sight of the king to receive his favor (vs. 11). Then, every Jew who had returned from exile in Babylon joined together as one to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem. (Nehemiah chapter 3) God’s miraculous favor of provision and protection covered these people throughout their journey in building both the wall around Jerusalem and the temple of worship unto God.

40 Day Journey

As we begin our journey of fasting and prayer beginning on Monday, November 21st through December 31st, I would encourage each of you to first write down your reasons for fasting during this 40 day period. Whether you are planning to fast one meal a week, one day a week, or more, I would suggest that you write out this week, if not this afternoon, a list of reasons why you are entering this time of prayer and fasting. That list may grow as you continue in fasting. Why go to all the trouble of fasting if you can’t put into words what it is you’re concerned about?

Finally, let this be a time of joy and delight—not one of misery and anguish. We’re not interested in who can be the most abject and spiritually wretched, pathetic and pitiable. This is a privilege of showing our love for America, and for those whom we hold dear. As you write down your reasons for fasting, why don’t you also write down the commitment you believe the Lord would have you make? Everything is between you and the Lord. All of us have the privilege of being involved in a modern-day miracle.

- Pastor Virgil Amundson