Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Announcing: 40 Days Solemn Assembly Dec. 4

The church is now well into our 40-day period of fasting and prayer since the start on November 21st.

We are praying for our nation to have a spiritual awakening and for the churches and pastors in America to humble themselves and call upon God to restore righteousness in His people.

It is imperative to humble ourselves and to break spiritual pride and self-righteousness in order for God to hear us.

This Sunday, December 4th will be a time of consecration and worship as we call for a solemn assembly from Joel chapter 1, verse 14. “Consecrate a fast, call a sacred assembly, gather the elders and all the inhabitants of the land into the house of the Lord your God, and cry out to the Lord.”

It will not be a fun and games service, but a serious seeking of the Lord God to come and forgive our sins and to heal our land.

- Pastor Virgil Amundson