Wednesday, December 14, 2011

40 Days - Day 24

Stay the Course: Part 2
(to read Part 1, click here)

You may not believe in a personal devil or matters such as spiritual warfare, but you would be hard-pressed to establish from Scripture that this wasn’t where Jesus and the early church were coming from. I doubt that in this country we are not as conscious of the fight as were our brothers and sisters in previous generations, or even as are many Christians in so many other parts of the world today.
The important thing for now is this: spiritual warfare is not fun and games. It involves slugging it out day after day, week after week, and month after month, until finally a major victory can truthfully be claimed.
Fellow participants: I know that fasting is not as enjoyable as dinner at Applebee's or McDonalds. That’s just reality. But stay the course. Remain true to what the Holy Spirit has asked you to do. And if you haven’t joined us yet...please don’t wait any longer. Help us win a great victory in a strategic battle against the enemy right here on our home turf!

- Pastor Virgil Amundson