Friday, March 16, 2012

Get Back On The Bike

(This Relevant Pen Blog Post was brought to us by guest author, Candice Hopwood)

I can clearly remember the day that I learned to ride a bike. Maybe you can too. I was five years old and I had been riding the neighbors training bike all summer. You know the kind, child sized with training wheels; easy to handle for a pint sized bike enthusiast. The only bike we had at our home was my mom's, It was a five speed, dark green , and adult sized. It was an intimidating monster in my eyes. 

One evening I decided that I was ready to take biking to the next level. I was ready to ride a bike without the training wheels, I wanted my own bike! I was ready to make my mark on my world, face my fears and step out. My dad pulled out the "Green Monster" and after many attempts that evening in our backyard, (where the grass was much more forgiving than the street) I mastered that bike. 

Why do I tell you this story? Because it best describes my life the last couple of years as an In-House Director at The Compassion Center. God has had me deal with the "Green Monsters" in my life while ministering here. And through His strength, I have grown. By His grace I am learning to ride through this call on my life. He has gently been teaching me to ride without my training wheels and to rely on His sovereignty. I wouldn't say that I have mastered my call by any means, but when I do fall, I fall into His soft and loving embrace. When I don't understand a situation that is before me, I know that He will not fail me and that He has it all under control. 

What is God calling you to? What passions in life has He laid upon your heart? Trust Him with the dreams He has given you, there is a great adventure out there...have you been off your bike for a while? Maybe it is time to get back on that bike!