Monday, June 25, 2012

The Scriptures Keep Us From Error!

The Bible is to be our textbook for life. It is through the scriptures that we are kept from falling into error, and it is through scripture that life is produced in us. Jesus stated that it is the “Spirit that gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words that I have spoken unto you are spirit and they are life.” John 6:63

It is the words of God and Jesus’ words which are recorded in the Bible that bring life to us. Jesus answered the Pharisees who did not believe in the resurrection, “You are in error because you do not know the scriptures or the power of God.” Matthew 22:29 To err means “to roam from safety or truth, to go astray, to be seduced to wander out of the way.”

Our world today is so full of deception and lies. If we do not have a solid basis for truth, we can find ourselves believing lies and untruths which leads to seduction of our beliefs and our faith.

Can a believer fall from grace? The Bible gives proof that a Christian can be led into error and fall from his steadfastness. 2 Peter 3:17 “...beware lest you are led away with the error of the wicked, and fall from your own steadfastness.”

It is possible for brethren or Christians to err from the truth and become unconverted (James 5:19). It is also possible for an erring Christian to be converted again. If he repents and is saved again from death, his sins will be forgiven and covered. James 5:20. If he does not repent he will be lost and will have to pay the penalty for sin. Romans 6:23; 8:13; Hebrews 6:4-6

Blessings Through God’s Word! God wants us to prosper in our soul and to have a successful spiritual life in Him. If we meditate upon God’s Word and are careful to do everything written in it, we will be prosperous and successful. Joshua 1:8 We must hide the Word of God in our heart so that we might not sin against God. Psalms 119:11. We are designed to grow in our faith and in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. Every grace and blessing is deposited in seed form that God has implanted into our lives. If these seeds are watered and cared for by continual conformity to the Word of God, they will grow to full maturity. As we walk in the light of the knowledge of God’s Word we will grow normally to maturity in Christ

- Pastor Virgil Amundson

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Father's Legacy

This post was brought to us by guest author Gordon Hodgett. Happy Father's Day!

My father has played a significant role in shaping my life and guiding me to become the man I am today. He has always been a natural teacher, patient and understanding. Always willing to explain things in a way that can be understood, even as a small child. We often joke about when we were growing up and we did something wrong our primary punishment was the long talks our Dad would have with us in lieu of getting a spanking and how sometimes that seemed worse. Looking back now I appreciate the time he took to explain things to me and instill wisdom into my life instead of just blindly giving me direction.

I could not ask for a better father and role model in life. He has always lived his life by example, not telling me how to live or what is right or wrong, but showing me by example. Showing God’s love to his family and the others around him, not just setting rules and establishing consequences for disobeying them, but by living a life of integrity to show us as an example what a Godly man looks like.

The Hodgett Clan

He also taught me work ethic, which has played a significant role in my life and has helped me reach many of the goals I have set. In this day in age where the entitlement mentality dominates our generation, a solid work ethic is such a huge tool. As a child I remember complaining and wanting to go play with my friends instead of cutting firewood, mowing the lawn, or working on the house. Now I look back and am so thankful my dad taught me the value of hard work and seeing a task complete to the end.

Although I am sure I do not tell my Dad enough, he has played a huge role in my life and has sown many seeds of wisdom throughout the years. My hope is that I can have the same positive effect on my children and they can say these things about me when they are older.   

Friday, June 8, 2012

Keep a Watchful Eye...

Stick to the TRUTH!

Truth is the contrast of all that is evil, false and deceptive. Besides this, truth stands like a pillar amidst the storms of humanistic ideas and existential philosophies. Truth is what outlasts the shallowness of temporal values by simply lighting the way for those who desire to live by its virtue. His truth “endureth forever” says the Psalmist. (100:5)
Truth comes even closer to home when our culture and political government scream to its intolerance. The Bible talks about truth as principle (law), and precept (lessons), and person (Jesus). God lays out the commands as recorded in the OT Ten Commandments, which are of course, principles of truth. The narratives (stories) of the patriarchs such as Abraham, Moses, David, etc. define the struggle that sin-stricken people have with keeping truth, even after initial faith in Christ as Savior and Lord. The Person of truth is seen in shadow in the Torah with reference to being spoken by the living God (Deut. 32:4). The substance of the same Person is realized in Jesus Christ, Who said, I am the Way, Truth…(John 14:6).
Truth has always had a battle zone attached to it. As humans, we must choose if we shall go in the [straight and narrow] way of truth that leads to life everlasting or follow the broad way ending in death and destruction. This battle can and must be won by the aid of the Spirit of truth (John 16:13), Who is available to the Christian that prays for His help.
In the time we live we must keep a watchful eye on the Lord of truth; become the People of truth; confront the rejecters of truth; all this in order to lead us to the way of truth. God desires that His children come to the truth, then immerse themselves in the Word of truth as a response of our love for the God of truth! (See 2 Thess. 2:3-13) 

-Dr. Timothy Warner
Pastor, Northern Lights Christian Center