Friday, June 8, 2012

Keep a Watchful Eye...

Stick to the TRUTH!

Truth is the contrast of all that is evil, false and deceptive. Besides this, truth stands like a pillar amidst the storms of humanistic ideas and existential philosophies. Truth is what outlasts the shallowness of temporal values by simply lighting the way for those who desire to live by its virtue. His truth “endureth forever” says the Psalmist. (100:5)
Truth comes even closer to home when our culture and political government scream to its intolerance. The Bible talks about truth as principle (law), and precept (lessons), and person (Jesus). God lays out the commands as recorded in the OT Ten Commandments, which are of course, principles of truth. The narratives (stories) of the patriarchs such as Abraham, Moses, David, etc. define the struggle that sin-stricken people have with keeping truth, even after initial faith in Christ as Savior and Lord. The Person of truth is seen in shadow in the Torah with reference to being spoken by the living God (Deut. 32:4). The substance of the same Person is realized in Jesus Christ, Who said, I am the Way, Truth…(John 14:6).
Truth has always had a battle zone attached to it. As humans, we must choose if we shall go in the [straight and narrow] way of truth that leads to life everlasting or follow the broad way ending in death and destruction. This battle can and must be won by the aid of the Spirit of truth (John 16:13), Who is available to the Christian that prays for His help.
In the time we live we must keep a watchful eye on the Lord of truth; become the People of truth; confront the rejecters of truth; all this in order to lead us to the way of truth. God desires that His children come to the truth, then immerse themselves in the Word of truth as a response of our love for the God of truth! (See 2 Thess. 2:3-13) 

-Dr. Timothy Warner
Pastor, Northern Lights Christian Center