Friday, October 26, 2012

God Is Speaking: Rise Up!

God is speaking to the church today to “Come Alive!” He is speaking to our nation to ‘Return to Righteousness!’ God is speaking to us personally as believers to prophecy and declare to the nations to “hear what God is saying and RISE UP AND LIVE!”

There is far too much spiritual death and spiritual deafness in the land. Too many Christians have become dry spiritually and have lost hope that revival can come to our land. Times like this is a fertile time for the prophets to speak to us and declare that God will once again raise up His people to another level of holy living and godly thinking which includes Jesus on our minds!

In Ezekiel 37 God called this prophet in a vision to a valley that was full of very dry bones. These bones represented the spiritual condition of the House of Israel. Ezekiel saw himself prophesying to these dry bones declaring that God was going to breathe life into them. God was going to reform them into a nation and bring them out of their bondage of captivity to their oppressors. Verse 14 says “I will put My Spirit in you, and you shall live, and I shall place you in your own land.” God disapproves of dryness and deadness when it pertains to His own people.
My personal opinion is that God will lift the oppressive results of our backslidings both as a nation and as a people of God if we will “be purified as gold, and change our garments of shamefulness for white garments, and allow our eyes to be opened to see where He wants to bring each of us.” Rev. 3:18

This is our time to hear and to declare the Word of the Lord! God is not through with this nation! But we must “Arise and Live,” and heed His call. He is breathing new life into us right now! He is awakening us to become an “exceeding great army throughout the land to declare His great salvation!”

By your hand, I will stand filled with glory,Hold your Word, on the earth all to show your life revealedFrom “Dry Bones” - New Life Worship
- Pastor Virgil Amundson