Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Rise Up And Live!

As we prepare with pre-prayer for the upcoming World Missions Conference this month, my mind recalls so many supernatural and miraculous happenings that we have seen together as a result of hosting these conferences through the years. 

From missionaries being sent out as a direct result through provisions received during our conference, to 2000 orphans being supplied with food to survive because of instant funds received during the conference to help them with food for over a year. We have together built a power plant in Pretoria, South Africa to supply power for the Bible Training Institute directed by Ron Kinnear. Also the miracle of sending one-half million dollars through this church for mission works around the world in 2010 when the economy had dipped to its lowest in our nation.

It’s always exciting to see God’s people in our church get involved personally beyond their giving by opening their homes to provide housing and meals for these ambassadors for God to enjoy with you. And they really do enjoy the relationships and friendships they make while they are here!

Our World Missions Conference should include everyone, including young families and children who get to enjoy the artifacts and displays that are set up by our missionaries for everyone to see. What a wonderful opportunity it is for all of us to reach out and serve our guests from around the world in a loving and caring way. It is a time for all of us to set aside our own work and pleasure to “Rise Up and Live” which is the theme set for our conference this year! 

Bring to life a new vision to redeem the lost to God! Bring to life the heart of a servant to become a greater blessing! Bring to life stagnant dreams for God to blow upon and bring to pass! Bring to life new hope and desires for a more prosperous and fulfilling future! Bring to life a fervent zeal for all that God wants you to do!

God is calling for dry bones to live again! He wants to bring back the new again! Our missions conference for 2012 will bring breakthroughs and spiritual victories for many of us this year. I’m excited about that!

- Pastor Virgil Amundson