Monday, December 17, 2012

Pastor Amundson's Christmas Greeting

Linda and I are celebrating our 44th Christmas at Full Gospel Church this year. We must have been just kids when we first started our ministry here. At least it seems like it.

The world has changed so much since our first Christmas service here. There is so much less emphasis on the real meaning of Christmas in our public schools and in our market squares. There is increasing amount of opposition to presenting any Christmas pageants in our public schools that portray the true story of Christ’s birth. Linda and I used to love watching the children’s concerts at the school where the band and choirs would play and sing wonderful Christmas carols that were so inspirational and meaningful because they told about the real meaning of Christmas. That has changed where you now seldom see or hear a concert that present any message of the Christ child.

Well, no matter, with or without public approval we are going to continue to promote the peace, love, and joy that Christ brought into this world when he came as a baby in the cradle at Bethlehem. God has given to this world the most wonderful gift through His love for us. The gift of salvation through His Son has provided for all of us who believe in His Son, the promise of everlasting life. This is the reason why Linda and I moved to Shell Lake these many years ago. We wanted this message to be presented throughout this region unto the ends of the earth. The glory is all the Lords.

We remain grateful to still be able to serve as leaders of the ministry here. The greatest asset to this church body are all of the leaders and workers that God has raised up to facilitate every ministry of the church. It is to their honor that we are humbled to work alongside each of them.

Our prayers remain toward all of you that you may enjoy God’s rich blessings for health and happiness this Christmas and in the New Year!

- Pastor Amundson