Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The God of Unlimited Resources!

Every year as we approach our Missions Conference and prepare to serve the many missionaries who come to Shell Lake, I go through a little anxiety over how well prepared we are as a church to see that everything runs smoothly. This year was no exception!

We had given a lot of attention to making improvements on our parking lot and developing the new commons. So many people had given their time and financial support to making these things happen that there did not seem to be much of a buzz about the upcoming Missions Conference. In fact, with only 3 weeks to go until conference, there had been little done to prepare for the church’s biggest annual event. Hence, a little anxiety.

But God’s people in this congregation stepped up to the task. You opened your homes to house missionaries and your hearts to provide meals. You all provided food for the fellowship meals and committed to pray for God’s holy presence to fill every service.

The theme of our conference this year was called “Reign.” We asked God to “reign” and to rule over every aspect of the conference. For those who attended the packed out services can concur that Jesus was present to touch His people and to pour out major blessings upon every missionary who was present.

The speakers were anointed and spot on with the Word of the Lord every time. The worship team was powerfully anointed to prepare us for what God wanted to do in each service. It did not take long to sense that God was going to release something supernatural during the conference. And did He open up the gates!

The final evening was His point of release so that the missionaries and their many needs could be met to carry out God’s plan for the world to come to know Him. I had never seen anything like what happened here on Wednesday night! It was victory night! It was God displaying His “rule and reign” by extending His grace toward meeting needs that each missionary brought before Him to the conference.

I know that it might stagger some of you as it did astonish me with the final financial results for the entire conference. Here is the report:

The total cash offerings totaled $119,856.00! The cash offerings still to come in total $21,985.00. The monthly pledged support for this next year which are all new commitments totaled $23,760.00. These offerings from this year’s conference totaled the sum of $165,601.00!   It is very apparent that we do serve the God of unlimited resources! By the way, any anxiety that I had is all gone.

With humble praise and thanksgiving,
Pastor Amundson