Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Psalm of Thanksgiving

Psalm 100 is a Psalm that I would encourage every believer to learn from memory. It is a song of praise for the Lord’s faithfulness to His people. It’s also a Psalm of Thanksgiving.
Our attention toward becoming more thankful is even more heightened during the Thanksgiving month of November. Gladness, joy, thanksgiving, and praise is the dominant theme of this Psalm. There is no other Psalm that is designated as a “Psalm of Thanksgiving,” although other Psalms are filled with gratefulness. This Psalm is known as the “jubilate” or a psalm of jubilation.
There are seven directives as to how to exalt the Lord and seven reasons why we should praise and thank Him. I will list the seven reasons why we should praise the Lord that are mentioned in this Psalm.

Reason #1: (vs. 3) “He made us.” We can identify our origin. ‘Who made us’ is one of the central questions of mankind and the answer determines our eternal future. God claims the role of creator in the first chapter of the Bible. (Gen. 1:26, 27)

Reason #2: (vs. 3) “We are His.” God claims all those who have been made new in Christ ‘as His.’ (Eph. 3:24)

Reason #3: (vs. 3) “We are His people.” We are corporately identified as His people, living, serving, and worshiping together in His church under the same grace, the same word and Spirit. (Romans 8:27)

Reason #4: (vs. 3) “….the sheep of His pasture.” He is our Shepherd, protector, and provider. As His sheep, we are assured of His love and acceptance surrounding us as we daily feed in the pasture of His word and presence. (John 10:14)

Reason #5: (vs. 5) “...for the Lord is good.” Goodness is deeply rooted in the character of who God is. He is compelled to do all that He does by His essential ‘goodness.’ He will forever be simply ‘good.’

Reason #6: (vs. 5) “His unfailing love continues forever.” The language to best properly express God’s heart is the words, “mercy”, “all generous love”, “loving-kindness” This love is a covenant bond that will never be broken and He invites us to live and participate fully in His “unfailing love.”

Reason #7: (vs. 5) “...and His faithfulness continues to each generation.” Faithfulness is God’s guarantee that all He is and all that He has promised will never be retracted or changed till the end of time.

Our emotions, thoughts, and hopes can all rest on this assurance and because of those reasons we can “shout with joy to the Lord,”  “worship the Lord with gladness,” “Come before Him, singing with joy,” “Acknowledge that the Lord is God,” “Enter His gates with thanksgiving,” “Go into His courts with praise,” and “give thanks to bless His Name!”
Take time to learn this ‘jubilate’ Psalm 100!