Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Point of Agreement = The Place of Power

I shared these thoughts a few weeks ago and feel impressed to write down the importance of coming into agreement with God.


The main reason we do not have the power of God in our lives that we should have as Christian men and women is because we are not in agreement with God. We may agree in some area, and in others we are not in agreement; and perhaps more often we are not in agreement with one another.

Amos asks the question “Can two walk together except they be agreed?” (Amos 3:3) Or can men or women who are not in agreement with each other walk together? The answer is no, they cannot. Psalm 133:1-3 says “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!” (dwell together in agreement.) Agreement is unity. Then it says “…..for there the Lord commanded the blessings.” The word “there” is talking about a positional place, the place of unity or agreement.

God’s Word indicates that when you are not in agreement or unity, you cannot have power in your life. I am a hunter and when I head into the woods I always bring my compass along. A compass has 360 degrees or points, which make a full circle. If we call the needle point of the compass right on north, and 2 of us are walking together, but one of us is just a fraction of a point off north, how long do you think we will walk together before we begin to separate? The further we walk, the farther apart we will become. The only recourse to come back together is to correct our agreement to the compass. The only power we have to walk together is to come back into perfect unity of direction. “The power to walk together is at the point of agreement!”

The power of God will not be fully released into our presence until there is a point of agreement. In Acts 2 the point where the power of God came down was at the point when “they were in one place and in one accord.” The power of God will not be released in the home where a husband and wife are in discord and division. God wants us to have power in our homes and His power comes into our homes as we learn to walk in agreement. How do we do that? When you agree with someone, in a sense you have a covenant relationship with them on the basis of that agreement. That is where the power lies - in a covenant agreement.

That is how Christ empowered us to become believers who have inherited eternal life through Him. The Father and Son were in perfect agreement to come to earth and lay down His life as a covenant relationship with us. The power that changes our lives takes place when we come into agreement with Christ who laid down His life for us and then we willingly lay down our life to serve Him.