Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christ - The Stability of Our Times!

The world, our nation, the people of the lands, and you and I need someone strong, intelligent, and wise to anchor us in these perilous times of instability and uncertainty. Bible prophecy and biblical history records the coming of a Messiah who will sit upon the throne of Israel. He will have the wisdom and knowledge to carry out all events of the future.

The prophet Micah spoke of the birthplace of this future leader to be in the small town of Bethlehem in the county of Ephrathah. He said that this ruler’s origin would be from the ancient past and would come out from the clan of Judah. Micah predicted that this ruler (Christ Jesus) would give up (the children of Israel) until the time when (the Church) who is in travail has brought forth the “man child” of Revelation 12:5. He would be brought forth to rule all the nations. Without a doubt, only the Eternal King is able to carry out these future events.

Isaiah prophesied that when “the strength of salvation comes (Jesus Christ), He will fill Jerusalem with justice and righteousness” and “wisdom and knowledge will be the stability of your times. (Isaiah 33:5, 6)  This reference speaks of the stabilizing force God will provide to the believers, even in the midst of this present age. The New Testament speaks of this Christ as the “hope that we have as an anchor of our soul, that is steadfast and sure.” Hebrews 6:19

So, let us remember that Christmas is not just some creation of the human mind to enjoy another celebration of fun and frivolity. NO! Peace on earth will only be established first in the individual heart of those who believe, trust, and place their hope in the only one who can bring us consolation.  Christ was born to become our High Priest who provided a better covenant for us and who was a perfect High Priest and a perfect sacrifice for sins. He alone was enabled by God to bring a salvation that lacks nothing.  Isaiah 32:2 says “Christ will be as a hiding place from the wind, a shelter from the tempest, a river of waters in a dry place, and a shadow of a great rock in a weary land.” Is there another who is so capable of provided us with this stability in these times? Make Jesus your aim, and you will be right on target. Make Him the center and He will take care of the circumference.

Enjoy the blessed Christ of Christmas!