Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Let's Go!

As we wrap up the Let's Go series this week, I have a thought to share before you "go."

I turn towards the story of Nehemiah. You can read the book of Nehemiah in one long sitting. In fact, take the time to do that! Here is an Israelite man who was in exile. His job was to serve the King wine. But his heart was set on home. His heart broke for the desolation of his home city, and he was so shaken by his remorse that he lost his composure before King Arteserxes and exclaims, "Long live the king! And why shouldn’t I be depressed when the city, the city where all my family is buried, is in ruins and the city gates have been reduced to cinders?”

Before Nehemiah was sent, before he went out of exile and back to his city, before he led the people, rebuilt the walls, and established order in Jerusalem, his heart broke for the despair and the need of his people. He repented for the sins of his city, because what he saw and what he knew was God's will was so different.

When you look around your world, do you see any areas that don't look the way it would look if God was in it? Do you see broken homes, struggling marriages, confused children, wandering young adults? What is it that God has given you eyes to see? Don't get comfortable in that plush palace in Persia, serving the King his wine, when your people are lying in ruins!

We've been talking about Let's Go - a call to missional action. Before you go, do you know where you are going? What do you see that touches your core to the point where you'd lose your composure in front of someone if they asked you why you seemed troubled?

The first step in doing something is seeing the need. My prayer for each one of us is that we may see past ourselves to see the needs that Jesus wants to meet through us. Then, Let's Go!