Tuesday, July 1, 2014

THE BIBLE: Its Sufficiency and Supremacy!

An obscure Irish preacher in the 19th century wrote a pamphlet entitled The Bible: Its Sufficiency and Supremacy. Not many have heard of C. H. Mackintosh, but way back then he saw, in germinating form, Messiah’s gravely infirmed Body of today. He saw the church even back then infected by and succumbing to the philosophies and compromises of man; carelessly permitting the erosion of Scripture as the bedrock of our faith.

The heart of his message must be made an unavoidable issue in every generation—we need to courageously promote the Scriptures and combat its assailants, now more than ever.

The ravenous manner in which we indiscriminately consume information and opinions suggests that what Mackinstosh maintains is true: be it politics or academics, the media and entertainment, the bowels of an egocentric internet, or the high places of spiritual celebrity, every surrounding force is bent on persuading us that “we need other guidance than that which [the Bible’s] precious pages supply.”

Rather than each one of us taking personal responsibility to turn to God and His word for every answer and every directive, we instead deceive ourselves and default to those deemed more experienced, more educated, or more enlightened. Mackintosh’s point in his writings asserted and championed the single fundamental belief that “men must either deny that the Bible is the word of God, or admit its sufficiency and supremacy.” There is no middle ground. The Scriptures must be either complete and outright foolishness, or the unrivaled pronouncement of God’s revealed wisdom and truth.

Personally I have always upheld the Scriptures with the belief that they are the solely authoritative, written revelation of God’s word. My faith rests on the glorious, foundational truth that “every scripture”  - from Genesis to Revelation is - “God-breathed” (2 Timothy 3:16); that God inspired men to infallibly and inerrantly code His divine word into the stuff of human language and thought.

It is so evident that faithlessness will abound, the fabric of society’s morals will unravel, and humanity will give way to unthinkable depravity when there is no supreme rule of authority to follow. My passion is for proclaiming the perfection of the word of God, and the message of its sufficiency and supremacy for all.

There remains a very crucial issue for this age and for every age: Will we surrender our wills and trust our lives solely to the word of God? Are we willing to commit to the fostering of a generation that will disregard all other influences, and pledge its life - without compromise - to uphold the sufficiency and supremacy of the Bible?