Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Wisdom to Live a Godly Life!

We have been discussing some valuable points of wisdom during our recent studies on this subject. It takes serious wisdom in handling our finances and to prepare for our financial future. God will give us wisdom we need if we ask for it. (James 1:5)

It takes wisdom to maintain strong godly relationships with those whom we work with, those in our families and those within the church. Again we can ask God for appropriate wisdom to work through relationships that we might be struggling with.

Wisdom to Live Godly and Strong!

The pressures of a godless and compromising world challenge our morals, ethics, and convictions every day. We are battered by worldly reasoning that berates biblical truth and moral absolutes.  The book of James is a great guide for wisdom and direction for living a life that will inspire others and be pleasing to God. James is also known as the “Proverbs” of the New Testament.

James is a practical and ethical book that primarily emphasizes Christian duty rather than doctrine. The author wrote the book to rebuke the shameful neglect of certain Christian duties.

James analyzed the nature of genuine faith and urged his readers to demonstrate the validity of their experience with Christ. The book strongly directs the readers toward godly living. The call for ethical living based on the gospel is James statement of Christian ethics that stands on par with any other such teachings in the New Testament.

The two fundamental emphasis are personal growth in the spiritual life and sensitivity in social relationships. Any faith that does not deal with both personal and social issues is a “dead faith.”

Understand, the doctrine of James is not in conflict with the doctrine of Paul, whose doctrine was primarily “justification BY faith.” Both authors are treating primarily two different things. James doctrine was primarily “justification OF faith, or faith justified by works.” We are not justified by works, but by faith, is the teaching of Paul.

James teaches that faith is dead and useless unless it expresses itself through a godly life and Christian service. Both doctrines are in perfect agreement.

The last three chapters of James enumerates eight ways in which true faith is expressed by the things it does and does not do. James message speaks especially to those who are inclined to talk their way to heaven instead of walk their way there. Ask God for wisdom to show you the difference.