Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Living and Giving Through Faith!

God is a supernatural God and it’s natural for a supernatural God to have children who live supernaturally! Live expecting God to do the unexpected - to do things for you that He has never done before!

If you want God to do something that He’s never done for you before, then do something for God that you’ve never done before!

Faith Receives the Impossible! God promised Abraham a son when he was almost 100 years old and when his wife was 90. In Romans, the Bible says that Abraham held strong. Every day he waited, his faith got stronger, not weaker, and be expected Sarah to get pregnant. It was impossible for that couple to have a child, and yet Abraham and Sarah received the incredible. Faith is dead to doubts, it is blind to impossibilities, and it sees nothing but success and victory.

Faith Takes Risks! Faith that costs nothing and risks nothing is worth nothing. If you try to always play it safe, if you’re afraid God is going to let you paint yourself into a corner, you will never see God’s miracle working power for you personally. There’s an element of risk in faith. If we’re not growing by stretching our boundaries, we’re backing up and shriveling because faith has to be exercised to grow.

Abraham risked his own son’s life by taking him into the thicket and depending on God to supply a ram for him. Sometimes we never know what God can do until we are desperate for a miracle and move into this realm of faith because of our great need.

Obedient Giving! Whether we like it or not, little in the Kingdom is accomplished without money. It takes money to send a missionary, feed the poor, print Bibles, build churches, serve the homeless, or  deliver drug addicts, prostitutes or alcoholics from a lifestyle that is killing them. To have a part in the harvest of souls, you and I must practice an obedient faith whenever God calls us to respond to a need. Obedient faith has to do with what we possess and comes from our known resources.

When God speaks a word about giving something of our resources away, we should release what we have in faith. Abraham had such complete trust in God that he could agree to release the dearest one to his heart. When we are stretched in the area of finances, it may be that God is asking you to trust Him enough to know that you will never go without if you give away even what you think you need. The more you have to give away, the more prayer it takes to wisely give it.