Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Don’t Seek Things... Seek God!

We are finding out through our series “Where Are You?” from the parable in Mark 4 that Satan is at every stage of our Christian growth, attacking the Word in our lives. Matthew 6:33 says “But seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.”

The idea of putting God first appears throughout the Bible. In the Old Testament, God’s people gave what was called “first fruits offering” which meant they gave to Him the first of everything they had - their produce, first born animals, first born sons, their gold and silver - everything. So, if a man worked as a farmer, he gave the first crops that appeared in his field to the Lord as an offering. When we give God our firsts, we are saying “Lord, I want to give this to You before I do anything else. I trust You to take care of me and meet all of my needs and I want to honor You with the first evidence of my provision and increase. I don’t want to give You my leftovers; I want to give You my “firsts” to show You are first in my life. I am giving You my first fruits; and I trust You to bring more.” If we give God the first of everything that comes our way, the rest is blessed!

We have to understand, God is a creator, not a consumer. Everything we have comes from Him; He simply asks for the first portion of it back - not because He needs it, but because we need to give it to keep ourselves mindful of the fact that He is preeminent in our lives. Nothing we offer to Him is ever lost; instead it can be multiplied because we put it in His hands. I encourage you to put God first by giving Him your firsts. Give Him the first part of every day by spending it with Him before you do anything else. Begin to schedule your day around God instead of trying to work God into your day. If we give Him the first part, He will make the rest extremely productive.

Give God the first portion of your finances by not waiting to see what you have left over for Him after the bills. Give God the first of your attention, by turning to Him for guidance before you run to your friends or to the internet for advice. God is great and He is our God! HE is able and willing to do more for us than we could ever ask or think. He desires to enlarge your life and He wants you to enjoy not only your life, but HIM!

Do you enjoy God? Are you in close fellowship with Him? Is He first in your life? Don’t be afraid to answer these questions honestly because God loves honesty. Putting God first is a choice. You have to do it deliberately, but it’s a choice that brings greater blessings than you could ever imagine - peace in your heart, joy, fulfillment in life, provision for every need, and every other good thing. Put God first in your life today and every day. And watch to see what He will do!