Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Why Prayer & Fasting?

I am an avid reader of a well-known teacher and author by the name of Marvin Rosenthal. He is a Messianic Spirit-filled Jew who is a highly credible writer on Bible prophecy and end-times truths.

Normally his monthly newsletters are positive, uplifting and encouraging. But his mind and thoughts in his latest issue comes from a different direction than the usual sharing of spiritual victories that have been won in the battle for the souls of men.


Dr. Rosenthal notes that our beloved nation is facing its greatest crisis since its noble beginning in 1776. It is a crisis greater than our war of Independence, Civil War, First and Second World Wars, Korean War, Vietnam War, and all other conflicts we can think of.

The crisis we face today as a nation is an internal crises. Our nation has degraded itself to levels of wickedness not seen before in our nation’s history. America has never been a perfect nation; like all nations, we have committed many wrongful deeds, but in earlier years we also exhibited a measure of righteousness above other nations which permitted God, consistent with His holiness and justice, to bless us above other nations.

Today, our congress, with few exceptions has become cowardly and self-serving, elected as politicians rather than statesmen. The Supreme Court, the highest court in the land is teetering on the brink, with several justices who see our Constitution as something that can be interpreted to accommodate changing winds of morality and their own political agenda.


The only hope for America is to fall prostrate before the one true God - the God of the Bible, and His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ - and call out in repentance for grace and mercy!

We cannot put our hope in our presidential candidates who say that if they are elected, they will return America to its former glory. Powerful personality and policy plans, however well intended, aren’t going to restore America back to its former greatness. The only answer to our innumerable problems is to fall on our faces in sober national humble repentance.

Dr. Rosenthal states: “The ripple effect of the conflict in the Middle East will surely reach the shores of America. Unless God now intervenes, there may very well be shortages of the basic needs of life, such as heat and food, along with the potential for economic collapse, social breakdown, and lawlessness on the streets.”  Christians must not be caught off guard, but should be knowledgeable about what will soon be coming upon the earth. Engage every battle and every trial on your knees—in prayer!