Monday, June 20, 2016

England - Romania - and GOD!

My trip into England and Romania turned out to be one of the most productive and rewarding experiences of any other mission trip I have taken. I saw first hand the power and strength of God demonstrated through pure brotherly love among the pastors and leaders from ten nations gathered in Brasov, Romania at a leaders conference this past week.

I was overwhelmed with joy to see such spiritual hunger and expectation of what God is preparing to do in Eastern Europe. It’s a new day of renewal and restoration of God’s Kingdom for that part of the world!  It was such a privilege to be one of the speakers for the conference and to join together with our team to lay our hands on all the many leaders there. Our prayers were for God’s empowerment and the release of gifting's and skills needed to expand God’s Kingdom work throughout Eastern Europe.

With the help of some good translators we were able to connect in the Spirit and see some powerful effects from body ministry. The excitement that these European leaders have to see the growth of God’s Kingdom in that part of the world is so refreshing to see.

Ten Nations Represented!

The I.G.O (International Global Outreach) conference was attended by pastors and leaders from Romania, Germany, Hungary, Ukraine, Moldova, Transistria, Syria, Israel, Luxembourg, and United Kingdom. The speakers whom I traveled with were Kelton Black, Kingsley Armstrong, David Price from the U.K. and Doug Pittman from San Antonio, Texas.

God Blesses Unity!

Psalm 133 tells us that God commands His blessing where brethren dwell together in unity. There was absolutely a family type relationship spiritually among those of us who traveled together from England to Romania. We were in spiritual agreement all the way! Even when we were short on financial resources because of some over budget expenses from the Romanian side, a Spirit-led Christian businessman from Romania stepped up to cover all expenses with more than enough to cover some of the costs for another I.G.O Conference next year. God had commanded His blessing!

Kelton Black has made a giant leap for God on an international level since recovering from cancer surgery last year. He is amazingly well and took care of all my accommodations which included speaking at another conference in Cornwell, England and at his church in Sommerset, England. Trevor Krantz joined us for the Romanian trip and will be staying in England to help Kelton for the next few weeks.

Mike Andrews joined us in Brasov, Romania and we visited his work in the gypsy community where he will be this week. Thanks for everyone’s prayers for us! We all felt the impact of them.
Pastor Amundson